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I'm a 3d animation student from the HKU.
On this blog i will update all my work, the good and the bad ;)

A character sketch i did for painting class.
Also i did a background sketch, which i’m not sure of.

Not finished ofcourse :)

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Sketches i did for a stopmotion idea i have.

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Doodle i made for class :D
Probably gonna finish it one day… 


ps. it seems the colors on my screen are wayyy off..
Will be fixing that :p

uploaded to show in class :)

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This is an animation i made for 2voor12.
The models, rigs and animations are all done by me.

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Some marker doodles i made for drawing class :)
The assignment was to “redo” an animation from our own work.

I redid my chameleon vs. fly animation.

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Rosalia Longbottum


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For school i was doing a ISA project for sculpting, so i used my personal terrarium project for this assignment and this is the final result! :D

The background is made with styrofoam and expanded polyurethane and then carved into a rock-like shape.

for a school assignment we had to animate a brush “growing”.
So i used the ivy brush and made it throw a basketball.

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I like sharks … so a little sketch before my lesson starts :)