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I'm a 3d animation student from the HKU.
On this blog i will update all my work, the good and the bad ;)

My little stopmotion creature. :D

I made this after the digital sketch i posted here a while ago. His appearance kinda changed a bit while i was claying. But i still kinda like him anyway ;)

Still gotta give him a name though….=/

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Hout is a short film we made in our second year.
Take a look and enjoy =)


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Some jellyfish sketches :D

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A mini-me character i’m gonna animate in a quick shot video.
I’m trying to rig this thing at this very moment but maya seems to hate me again so i’m really struggeling. 

Hope i’m gonna get this finished :(

I still have sooo much homework to do, but for some healthy distraction i’m again building and sculpting a terrarium for my animals :D


A puppet i’m working on.
Not even near finished but first time ever in making pants :D

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A character sketch i did for painting class.
Also i did a background sketch, which i’m not sure of.

Not finished ofcourse :)

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Sketches i did for a stopmotion idea i have.

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Doodle i made for class :D
Probably gonna finish it one day… 


ps. it seems the colors on my screen are wayyy off..
Will be fixing that :p

uploaded to show in class :)

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